Children's silver earrings with round purple Swarovski crystals
Code: CS-2251

Children's silver earrings with round purple Swarovski crystals

Code: CS-2251

Short Description

Children's jewelry
Children's earrings

 Children's silver earrings with Swarovski crystals

Code 2251
Stone Swarovski Crystals
Type  kid's earrings

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Children's silver earrings with round purple Swarovski crystals - pic 1Children's silver earrings with round purple Swarovski crystals - pic 2Children's silver earrings with round purple Swarovski crystals - pic 3
Full Description 

Swarovski crystals of Fuschie - purple were used to make children's silver earrings. Crystal size - wheels are 6 mm. Silver earrings have a pure rhodium finish that does not cause any allergic reactions.

Children's silver earrings with red Swarovski crystals

These festive baby earrings will appeal to any girl. They can be worn for holidays or walks. It is made of silver and coated with rhodium for greater brilliance. All materials are natural, therefore hypoallergenic.


How To Wear Children's Swarovski Crystal Earrings

You can come up with different looks for a child with earrings or use the following ideas. Here are some of the most classic looks with this jewel:


  • Casual look.

These earrings are suitable for everyday outfits to school or kindergarten, if there is no dress code. They ideally emphasize dresses in tone or hair ornaments of the same color.


  • Celebration.

Create an look of a princess, wearing a magnificent dress and add zest, wearing earrings with pearls. Pearls are stylish now, which means that even children can wear it for fun activities.


  • Birthday.

Earrings are perfect for your child's birthday. They are complemented by a cute hairstyle and a bright monophonic dress, as well as shiny ballet flats. The girl will feel with earrings a real queen.


How to care for silver earrings

In order to always have the same shiny and beautiful jewelry, make sure that the child adheres to the rules of caring for them. Remember that if you once forget to take off the earrings before a shower, nothing will happen to them. But if you do it regularly, the jewelry will quickly lose their original appearance.


  • Pool. Chlorine is a fairly harsh chemical substance, so if a child accidentally forgot to take off silver jewelry, be sure to wash and clean them later.

  • Shower. Taking a shower with jewelry is a bad idea, but from one time nothing will happen. Just be sure to dry it immediately after getting wet.

  • Hot Springs. Sulfur in natural hot springs will damage silver. If you do not want jewelry to darken, in no case do not wear jewelry in such places.


Additional advice: chemicals in hair styling products, creams and perfumes can also damage jewelry. Apply them first, let them dry, and then put on the jewelry. Only this one factor can significantly affect the difference in the brightness of your silver.


You can not follow any rules and allow your child to stand out: wear them with sneakers and a tracksuit, combine with bright jewelry. But make sure that your child does not wear them at sporting events or in any other places, but there is a risk to hook the earrings.


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