Children's silver pendant in the shape of a fairy with cubic zirconia
Code: CS-6533

Children's silver pendant in the shape of a fairy with cubic zirconia

Code: CS-6533

Short Description

Children's jewelry
Children's pendants
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Dimensions: 0 mm × 0 mm × 28 mm

Children's silver pendant in the shape of a bee

Code: 6533
Type: Children's Silver Pendant
Stone: Zirconia

Weight: 2.99 gr
25 USD
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Children's silver pendant in the shape of a fairy with cubic zirconia - pic 1Children's silver pendant in the shape of a fairy with cubic zirconia - pic 2
Full Description 

Silver pendant is decorated with synthetic clear zircon. The material is silver
925/1000. The total size of the pendant including the ear is 28 mm.

Children's silver pendant in the form of fairies


This cute fairy-shaped pendant is the perfect gift for a child who loves cartoons about these amazing creatures. The girl can wear it as the only jewelry or combine with others - the pendant will look very nice in any case.


How to wear a silver fairy shaped pendant


This pendant will look great with daily looks, even if the child will wear it every day. A thin silver chain will be almost imperceptible, while the pendant will raise the spirits of the child. Here are a few ideas on how to combine a silver fairy pendant:


  • Pendant for every day.

If you are looking for every day jewelry for a child, this pendant is exactly what you need. The fairy can remind the child about magic, and the pendant will be combined with different colors of clothes. Even if the baby is pendant with a tracksuit, it will look beautiful.


  • Holidays.

The pendant perfectly combines with any festive looks: with restrained and bright ones. Wear other jewelry, a fluffy dress and let the child shine on the holiday!


  • School uniform.

Since the pendant is only 13 mm wide, it will become imperceptible but cute in addition to school outfits. Do not overload the look with other jewelry, this may be contrary to the dress code of the school. You can wear only one pendant or add just one ring or a cute bracelet.


How to care for a silver pendant


Jewelry often loses its original appearance due to improper care of the jewelry. You need to follow a few rules so that they serve you for a long time.


  • Cleaners and cosmetics.

Before applying body lotion, hair styling products or perfume, be sure to take off the pendant. If you sprinkle perfume on it once, nothing will happen. But if you do it all the time, it will lose its brilliance and color.


  • Storage.

Store the pendant in a box or a special soft bag in a dry place at room temperature. You can fold jewelry in any place where they will not scratch each other or other hard objects.


  • Water.

Even if the child is going to wear a pendant every day, let him remember to take it off when he:

  • bathes in the shower;

  • visit the pool, bath, etc .;

  • involved in sports, etc.


Let the child feel like a princess with our jewelry! All jewelry is made of natural precious metals, so they are hypoallergenic.

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