Silver earrings with natural oval moldavite, vltavin and zircon

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7x5 mm
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Jewelry: earrings
Direction: for women
stone color (vltavin): green
decoration type: on the clasp
stone type (vltavin): natural

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Earrings with rare Czech moldavite are offered by Zlatkaeu online store

Silver earrings on a classic lacquered mount are decorated with small transparent zircons and natural molditite 7x5 mm. Earrings with clasp, rhodium plated. The material is silver 925/1000. The total height of earrings is 19 mm.

Earrings from 925 silver, 5x19mm with inserts: natural vltavin and zircons.

The main accentuating elements of this decoration are inset stones. Vltavin is one of the stones, which changed its name in the nineteenth century (1891) from the assumption of one of the journalists, who judged that if the Moldau river, in the beds of which these stones were often found, changed its name, then this semi-precious stone should be renamed from Moldavit to vltavin. This innovation was happily picked up by all the jewelers of the worlds who adorn fashionable jewelry from them - from rings, pendants and earrings to jewelry souvenirs.

Earrings can be worn as a daily and only jewelry, as well as combined with other jewelry - a ring with a vltavine of the same oval cut, a pendant with a similar stone, simple chains, medium-sized jewelry without inserts or transparent stones that do not draw attention from green stones.

Moldavit deposits are found only in the Czech Republic and others do not exist. This is due to the "heavenly" origin of these stones. About 15 million years ago, a comet flying close to Earth and fell apart into several parts. One of the meteorites fell on the territory of modern Europe, raised a layer of rocks to the atmosphere and, melted in the atmosphere, became a scattering of fused green tektites - vltavins. Other stones formed by melted meteorites, as a rule, have a dark shade and only vltavin is transparent, clear, with a charming grass-green color.
Other deposits of such stones, except on the territory of the Nordlinger Ries crater, have not been found on Earth, therefore it is deservedly called the “Czech stone”.

In addition, each of the stone is unique: despite being absolutely accurate (the same size) in the earrings (5x7 mm), each of them contains wrinkles and bubbles inside - compressed gases trapped by cosmic silica during the fall of the meteor. Because of this, even being perfectly polished, they have a rough surface that creates with the passage of the sun the best, not sharp glare, but soft, diffused light in the green spectrum.

The beauty of the base of the earrings is enhanced by the vertical row of miniature artificial diamonds - zircons. The round-cut zircons size 1.2x1.2 mm and their sharp reflections successfully emphasize the soft glow of the main charmingly green insert.

Unique earrings with high quality Moldavite and Zircons

The clasp of earrings, made in the shape of a small bracket, castes for insertion, welt cast from 925 silver and covered with a thin layer of electroplating rhodium, preventing darkening of the product and having hypoallergenic properties. The quality of the material, used ligatures and the latest technologies increase the wear resistance of the product. The only limitation when handling earrings is the absence of strong mechanical effects on the French fastener: the latter is quite thin, it is comfortable to wear on small and puffy earlobes, however, the thickness used requires careful threading of accessories.

Product Care:

When cleaning the earrings, avoid mechanical impacts, contact with alkalis (do not use soda solution or household chemicals). It is enough to rinse under running water. Do not try to polish the stones or parts of the earrings covered with a rhodium sheath.