Silver heart shaped earrings with garnet, pyrope
Code: CS-NK1362G

Silver heart shaped earrings with garnet, pyrope

Code: CS-NK1362G

Short Description

Garnet earrings
Children's jewelry
Children's earrings
With stones
Dimensions: 0 mm × 6 mm × 0 mm

Material: 925 sterling silver

Earrings Stone Size: 6 mm

Earring Weight: 1.7 g

Earrings Type: English Lock

Brand Name: A-B

Production: Czech Republic

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Full Description 

Silver and garnet - ice and flame

Fire garnet framed with cold silver will be an excellent choice for connoisseurs of jewelry. The combination of the warm flame of stone and the steel luster of the metal creates a magnificent contrast. Earrings with an English lock are made of 925 silver and rhodium-plated. It gives platinum shine to the metal, increases its strength and wear resistance. The product weighs 1.7 gram, stone size 6 mm - this is the perfect combination of reliability and sophistication. Earrings in a casual look will create a cute accent, and in the evening ensemble will become the main decoration of the outfit. This sun stone is a real talisman of love and friendship. He protects his owner and gives him vitality and strength.

Garnet as a gift

A heart-shaped garnet will be a great gift for a little girl. This is a good option for the first decoration for the princess. She will like a bright heart on a small earring. Garnet is a very durable stone, so parents can not worry that the child will break it. It can be presented for a young girl, as a declaration of love and fidelity. If the girl is active and courageous, garnet will be a great addition to her image. It will give its owner energy and strength. You can give these earrings to an adult woman to strengthen friendly and romantic relationships. Garnet is able to enhance love passion and give a feeling of joy. But do not give it to a melancholy woman, such an ornament will become an overwhelming burden for her.

How to wear garnet

The most popular option is a combination of garnet and silver. The stone is very bright and saturated, so only lovers of elaborate and extravagant jewelry can combine it with gold. A stone in earrings receives more light than a pendant or ring. It will shimmer in the sun and is visible even under the hair. Garnet earrings look better on small ears. Garnet is best combined with light blue or gray eyes. Perfect for ladies with fair skin, for brunettes and blondes. Garnet looks great with a red evening dress. It is better to combine it with outfits of white, black, brown, burgundy or pink for a casual look.

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