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Sterling Silver Bracelet with stones -  Cubic zirconia and Swarovski crystals

Brilliant bracelets made by Czech jewelers is notable for its elegance and noble shining. Silver perfectly harmonizes with exquisite evening dresses, as well as with casual wear. Everywhere and always, this bracelet looks great and stylish, riveting the views of others and their admiration. In addition, it is very convenient and practical - a durable lock perfectly resists mechanical stress, it is not easy to damage. And the rhodium coating will protect the metal from darkening or scratches, maintaining its excellent look over the years.

Bracelets made of cubic zircons and Swarovski crystals gives the bracelet grace and style, and the stone symbolizes wisdom and has a positive effect on health.


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It is best to order a women's silver bracelet with stones at e-shop Zlatka, because the client gets a lot of advantages:

• Beauty and benefits. Elegant jewelry will look great in any situation, and the healing properties of stones will help to achieve emotional and inner balance;

• Durable and practical. The rhodium coating will protect the metal from mechanical impact. Even after years, the bracelet will look great.

• Efficiency. Fast delivery service ensures that the jewelry will be with you in the shortest possible time. And the cost of jewelry will please you.

Give yourself a masterpiece of jewelry.