Silver jewelry Set with yellow and white Cubic Zirconia Juicy Lemon 2
Code: 20000024

Silver jewelry Set with yellow and white Cubic Zirconia Juicy Lemon 2

Code: 20000024

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The set includes: silver pendant with yellow and white zircons, silver ring with yellow and white zircons

Material: silver 925/1000

Ring size:  15 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm

Pendant size: 15 mm × 9 mm × 0 mm

Destination: for women

stone color (crystal): yellow/white
type of stone (crystal): zircon

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38 USD
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Full Description 

Lemon zircon Jewelry Set - Feminine and Bright

Now you are sitting at the table and looking at your collection of jewelry. How many memories are connected with them: in these earrings you visited the graduation party, this ring was on you at the first meeting with the young man, and the pendant instilled confidence and helped to get a job. And soon another grand date is scheduled - a wedding. And, of course, it is necessary to create an ideal image, because this day you will remember for a whole life.

Everything should be great - the design of the ceremony, outfit and the most important - jewelry. However, you don’t need to worry about it, because you know exactly which option will be best. When you saw a set of silver jewelry with yellow and white zircon, it became an ideal choice. Czech masters created a real work of art that attracts and falls in love at first sight. Precious 925 silver charms with brilliance. Noble shine goes well with any outfit and fits any event.

And the most harmonious image will help to form a silver pendant with subtle weaving. The center of attention will be  you with perfectly faceted zircon of yellow color, charming with crystal-clear light. No wonder, for a long time it was called the "younger brother of the diamond." However, this is not the only property of the stone.

Alloy of strong energy and charm

For a long time it is known that silver has strong magical properties. Metal is an excellent guard against vitiation and helps to restore the energy of the person. In addition, people believed that silver helps to gain the gift of foresight, develop supernatural abilities and give the owner an aura of sexuality and attractiveness. And metal ions help cleanse the body of harmful substances, normalize metabolism, and relieve migraines or vascular spasms.

Zircon or “the stone of the morning dawn” is also endowed with powerful properties. It emits Yang energy, which favorably affects the body and the inner world. A person wearing such a decoration develops intuition and mental abilities, receives the gift of persuasion and control of the masses. Even the ancient yogis knew about the strengths of the stone and used it during meditations - contemplation of zircon helps to achieve emotional balance. And the owners of such jewelry are reliably protected from fraudsters, bad dreams or insomnia

It is best suited to Aries, Taurus, Capricorn or Aquarius, but can be worn by other signs of the zodiac, because zircon has a positive effect on the body. Stone helps stimulate the work of  liver, pituitary and thyroid gland. And especially women will highly appreciate it - after all, with its help it will be possible to normalize the appetite, get rid of excess weight, smooth out wrinkles and solve skin problems.

All at once - just for you from the Zlatkaeu online store

There is nothing easier than to become the happy owner of an elegant set of silver jewelry with yellow and white zircon. And it's better to do this in our store, because then you will get all the benefits:

· Fast and reliable. Only few days - that is how much it takes to be prompt delivery service in order to bring the goods to your doorstep. And for this you will not need to pay a lot - the cost of jewelry pleasantly surprises;

· Durability and convenience. You can enjoy the magic look of jewelry for a long time - there is a special rhodium coating on the metal that prevents darkening and protects from scratches;

· Beauty and protection. An elegant set will help create the perfect image in any situation. Everywhere and always, you are guaranteed enthusiastic views from others. In addition, the powerful energy of the stone guarantees magical protection, helps to strengthen health and find inner harmony.

 Get an elegant companion to take care of you.

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