Silver Pink Butterfly Swarovski crystal pendant
Code: CS-1365

Silver Pink Butterfly Swarovski crystal pendant

Code: CS-1365

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Dimensions: 0 mm × 10 mm × 0 mm

Jewelry: pendant
Direction: for women
stone color (crystal): pink
type of stone (crystal): Swarovski

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Full Description 

Pendant with Swarovski crystal butterfly 10mm Fuchsia

A silver butterfly pendant with a Swarovski crystal in the shape of a butterfly will be an excellent gift for a girl with a perky, bright character.

From year to year, Czech jewelers develop new types of crystal cutting, which use the latest laser technology for processing stones and their characteristics. Unusual shapes are created using computer technology and take into account not only the desired appearance, but also the optical properties of the material. The suspension of this pendant is no exception. Its singularity is in an inconspicuous, and at the same time very specific form. Swarovski's crystal crystals have acquired the appearance of a small (only 10 mm) graceful butterfly of a bright pink color. Her shades may seem gentle a la "Barbie" in the light of the morning rays and acquire a rich, dark fuchsia in daylight or in beams of artificial lighting.

A small moth will suit any dress in the “Princess” look - it can be pink color outfits of any tones: from powder-pink to bright packs of tulle magenta or purple tones. It will be interesting to play with dresses of brown tones or red. Does not exclude also lilac, purple or light shades in clothing.

Designers were inspired to create this artificial stone by natural stone Kammererit - a bright, collectible natural crystal, which is very fragile. The resulting analog, from which this pendant is made, is no less bright and catchy, and at the same time devoid of its shortcomings.

The crystal is not affected to mechanical damage, its processing is so thin and thoughtful that chips and cracks are excluded; You can buy it cheaply. It does not bother the skin and does not respond to ordinary cosmetics on the skin or perfume.

The base and connecting ear of the pendant are made of 925 sterling silver. The surface of silver is covered with electroplated rhodium, because of it acquired new properties: such an ornament is closer in gloss to white gold, it is less susceptible to weathering than ordinary silver and does not darken. The pendant can be worn on a thin chain of any kind of weaving. Unusually and exquisitely, you can combine this silver-pink moth with a red twisted cord. The best companion for this jewelry will be earrings with pendants of similar shape, available for purchase in our store.

Pendant features

• Swarovski crystal in the form of a butterfly;

• Suspension fuchsia;

• Sterling Silver;

• Can be worn with stylish earrings.

Carrying and care of the product

The product does not require special care. Use an alcohol solution or a mildly acidic soap solution for cleaning. Do not use alkaline care products. After cleaning, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Self-processing and polishing the surface of the insert, using coarse abrasives is excluded.

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