Women's Silver Bracelet
Code: CS-61418

Women's Silver Bracelet

Code: CS-61418

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Women's Silver Bracelet

Code: 61418
Type: Silver Bracelet

Weight: 2.77 gr
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Full Description 

Silver bracelet with adjuster for length adjustment, diameter 2 mm. Bracelet measures 16.5 cm, 3.5 cm extension adjuster. The approximate weight of the jewel is 2.77 g.

Silver bracelet

A classic silver bracelet will never lie idle in your jewelry box. It will complement any look; an evening dress, and a tracksuit. You can come up with dozens of looks with this must-have jewelry. Here are some basic ideas.


How to wear

Even if you are not a fan of jewelry and prefer to wear a minimum, you will like this bracelet. It creates a harmonious look and emphasizes the femininity of the hands.

  • Minimalistic look.

Do not want to wear jewelry, but you feel that something is missing? Wear this bracelet and feel great. It is almost invisible, but adds elegance to you.

  • Addition to the main.

This bracelet can be easily combined with absolutely any silver jewelry. Choose a massive necklace or bright earrings, the bracelet will fit everything. The main thing is not to combine with gold jewelry.

  • One of the layers.

Add a pair of bracelets to the bracelet. You can safely combine several jewelry on one hand, if this is not a business meeting or an evening outfit. For everyday alongside choose a few jewelry. Several layers can be only on the hands or only on the neck (pendants and necklaces), do not wear everything at once.


How to care for jewelry

The base bracelet is worn often, so follow the rules for the care of jewelry. If you do not do this, any natural metals and stones quickly become useless, losing their shine and tint.

  • Avoid chemicals. Do not clean jewelry with household or cosmetic products, take off before cleaning around the house, applying makeup and perfume, do not bathe in the pool with jewelry.

  • Store in special places. Buy or do your own jewelry stand or box where they will not be subject to scratches and abrasions

  • Clean jewelry. Each time after removing the jewelry, wipe them with a special solution or an ordinary napkin. Clean every six months.

  • Do not wet the jewelry. Do not wear them while swimming in the shower or at sea. If you accidentally wet the jewelry, try to wipe it dry immediately.

Remember these simple rules and wear jewelry as you like. Following the recommendations, do not forget about your style and personality. Our jewelry is created to please beautiful and self-confident women!

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