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Gift ideas for holidays - sterling silver jewelry with Czech faceted Moldavite, Garnet, cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

  Zlatka jewelry store is a wide range of jewelry that differs from other jewelry in the accuracy of cutting precious stones in a combination of correctly selected and matching noble metals. Our experienced and talented master jewelers are able to turn them into real works of art, which can easily become a family jewel. Their manufacture is a fascinating process, as a result of which original models become. Our masters adhere to all the traditions associated with jewelry, but at the same time they do not forget about modern technologies during the manufacture of each jewelry. During production, we monitor the quality of work so that all models are reliable. Thanks to this, the products are not only exclusive, but also very high quality. The combination of these two components gives us confidence that all customers will be satisfied and become our regular customers, because they will be confident in our professionalism.

   Everyone can choose exactly the jewelry that will demonstrate to others the individuality and originality of a person, his subtle sense of style and excellent taste. We offer a wide range of sterling silver jewelry with incredible cosmic stones from the Czech Republic: Czech tektite-Moldavit stone, Czech garnet-pyrope, natural freshwater pearls, cubic zircon, Swarovski crystals and pearls. You can choose jewelry for loved ones and dear to the heart of people, from small to large: delicate earrings, pendants, chains and bracelets, rings, as well as our incredible jewelry sets.

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 If you decide to buy silver jewelry, then in our Zlatka store you can pick up exquisite models for a gift to your loved one, yourself or a little princess. We have wonderful jewelry made of silver of the highest standard in combination with precious inserts such as Czech garnet, Czech stone Moldavit, cubic zircon, Swarovski crystals, pearls. Our prices differ from the prices of our competitors in their availability, so it will be very profitable to buy jewelry at our store.

We work with a very fast and reliable delivery service, so you can be sure that your package will be at your doorstep only a few days after placing your order. We ship worldwide. And the price of delivery will pleasantly surprise you.

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