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Czech Moldavite earrings.

Green  gemstones earrings are made of sterling silver and coated with a galvanic coating: a hypoallergenic layer of rhodium, which ennobles the look of the product, adding shine  and protects it from blackening and micro-scratches.

Faceted Moldavite or vltavin belongs to tektites and its origin belongs to extraterrestrial. It is believed that Moldavite appeared after the Earth collided with a large meteorite 15 million years ago. An unknown stone fell in the Czech Republic, near the river Moldau. Therefore, the stone got its name. According to another version, Moldavite is fragments of a comet that has not burned out. It is unique in composition.

Vltavin earrings - unearthly beauty and strength for you

Each of us has heard about jewels such as diamonds. This is a real miracle of nature, born on our planet. But did you know that there are jewelry made from a real cosmic mineral? The Czech stone moldavite (or vltavin) has been known to mankind and jewelers for several hundred years. It is mined only in southern Bohemia, near the Moldau River. This uniqueness is easy to explain - the vltavin consists of melted meteorite glass and came to us on a planet from deep space.

However, this is only the beginning of the amazing history of the mineral. Thanks to the rich green color, elegant and stylish jewelry is made from it, which perfectly combines with noble silver. But the main thing is that this stone has strong healing and magical properties.

Many proponents of alternative medicine actively use vltavin. They believe that contact with the stone can calm the nerves, relieve migraines, headaches, improve vision and cleanse yourself of negative energy. Moreover, sometimes a stone is used to charge water. It can be used for drinking or washing, which helps relieve fatigue and quickly restore the body.

Even more interesting is the magical side of Moldavite. This mineral came to Earth along with a meteorite, therefore it has a strong connection with space. Vltavin helps to remove negative energy from the owner, protect from damage, evil eye or libel. In addition, it gives a person peace of mind and the ability to make the right decision even in difficult and stressful situations. It is believed that he is great for kind people with a pure soul, helping to improve the material condition and achieve inner harmony. Interestingly, prolonged wearing of jewelry with vltavin contributes to the development of wisdom and the gift of foresight.

Moldavite is a very interesting stone from the point of view of astrology. Some characters can wear it every day (Sagittarius, Crayfish, Virgo, Gemini). In this case, they will be able to find financial well-being, achieve career growth and confidently solve life problems. Aries, Capricorn and Taurus are also in perfect harmony with the mineral. It helps to calm their emotions, endows with wisdom and prudence. Pisces, Crayfish, Aquarius and Libra are advised to wear jewelry with a vlatvin only on significant days. The internal energy of these signs is too strong and they are able to "weaken" the mineral with frequent contact. For Lviv, modavit can be dangerous - it will give them the opportunity to command close people, giving them the temptation of power.

The choice is yours, but one thing is clear - elegant silver earrings with vltavin are a wonderful piece of jewelry that can create the perfect look.

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